Who Is Jasmine Opperman? Man or Woman?

Jasmine Opperman True Gender

What Gender is Jasmine Opperman? Jasmine Opperman who is a security expert and analyst got people confused if Jasmine Opperman is a man or woman. Jasmine Opperman transgender, is jasmine opperman a man, is jasmine opperman married, jasmine opperman man or woman, jasmine opperman male or female, Wikipedia, Trans, Biography. Everything you need to know about Her?

Opperman is South African by identity and maybe of blended nationality. She procured a graduate degree in history from the College of Johannesburg in 1988.

She has worked for over 10 years on business hazard, opportunity, and political data on the African landmass. She currently chips away at investigating Libyan local army action just as jihadist action in Syria.

Jasmine Opperman is a specialist on terrorism and extremism with over decades of experience in the related field. She is the Africa Analyst who is currently involved with The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED).

Is Jasmine Opperman A Man Or Lady?

Jasmine Opperman is a lady.

There is no uncertainty that she is a female by sexual orientation.