Who Is Judge Regina Chu Husband? Daunte Wright Case Judge Sentences Kim Potter In Latest Trial – What We Know!

If Kim Potter, 49, behaves, she could solely must spend two-thirds of her sentence, or a yr and 4 months in jail. The remaining of the sentence could be served below supervision. Potter has already served 58 days in jail.

“To those that disagree and really feel an extended jail sentence is suitable, as tough as it might be, please attempt to empathize with Ms. Potter’s state of affairs,” Decide Regina Chu mentioned after handing down the sentence, including that Wright’s life “mattered.”

Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, was pulled over in Brooklyn Heart in April with expired license plates and an air freshener dangling from his rearview mirror. Wright re-entered the automobile as Potter, White police, and one other officer sought to arrest him on an excellent warrant. 

Potter claimed she believed she grabbed her Taser earlier than driving away, however as an alternative, she pulled out her revolver and shot Wright within the chest.

After Kim Potter’s sentence listening to on February 18 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Daunte Wright’s mother and father, Aubrey Wright and Katie Wright claimed they felt cheated.

In December, Potter was discovered responsible of first-degree and second-degree manslaughter within the dying of Wright on April 11, 2021.