Who Is Lindsey Buckingaham’s Wife, Kristen Messner?


Lindsey Buckingham (R) and his wife Kristen attend the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Visionary Awards at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel .

Lindsey Buckingham was known for his tumultuous relationship with Stevie Nicks during their days together in Fleetwood Mac,  but the singer and guitarist finally found love and marriage decades after joining the classic rock band in the 1970s.

Lindsey met his future wife, Kristen Messner, in 1996, when she worked as a  photographer for a shoot for one of his solo albums, according to an article for Town and Country.

The couple wed in 2000, when Lindsey was 51-years-old, and ultimately had three kids together: William Gregory, born in 1998; Leelee, born in 2000; and Stella, born in 2004, per The Sun.

The rocker once told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he waited a long time to find a wife due to his rock star lifestyle.

“I had a lot of crazy girlfriends, and a lot of that was just an outgrowth of the lifestyle we were all leading,” he said. “I did see a lot of friends who were parents and spouses — back in previous decades — who weren’t really there and kind of screwed up their kids and were not there for their family situations. So I waited and I was lucky enough to meet someone relatively late…it’s worked out really well. I got all that other garbage out of the way.”

Kristen Buckingham Is an Interior Designer

In the bio on her Instagram page, Lindsey’s wife is listed as an interior designer. Her social media page features photos of houses she has decorated and remodeled.

In an interview with la Dolce Vita, Kristen revealed that  living in Los Angeles has influenced the way she decorates by giving greater attention to “the flow from inside to outdoors.” She also revealed that her favorite style eras are the 1920, 30s, 40s, 70s, and the present day and that her “dream” projects would be to design a boutique hotel in New York City, a Paris apartment, or a Villa in Italy.

Kristen’s love for design also helped her and her husband make some big real estate deals.  After the couple built a spec home for $5.8 million, Kristen remodeled it and they then sold it for $19 million in 2018, per Realtor.com.

Kristen Buckingham Loves Horses

Kristen is an animal lover and owns several horses. On her Chrush blog, she revealed that she grew up around horses, but didn’t start riding seriously and competing in shows until she was an adult.

“I knew I could work hard, and I was willing to put in the hours so I figured I would progress quickly and be cantering and showjumping in no time. Boy, was I wrong,” she wrote. “Good horsemanship takes many, many years …when I was able to accept that the journey would take a while, I was finally able to enjoy all the steps along the way.”

Kristen and Lindsey’s daughter Stella also has a passion for horses and riding, as can be seen on Instagram.

Kristen Buckingham Was By her Husband’s Side When He Was Fired From Fleetwood Mac

In 2018, Lindsey Buckingham was blindsided when he was let go from Fleetwood Mac. He was replaced by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell and Crowded House singer Neil Finn. After the band’s new lineup made their TV debut on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, Lindsey’s wife expressed disappointment that things with the band had gotten so off track.

“I was just sad,” Kristen told Rolling Stone. “I was thinking, ‘How did they get here?’”

Of the other band members, which include Mick Fleetwood, Christine and John McVie, and Lindsey’s ex, Stevie Nicks, Kristen said, they were “a family of sorts” and that her three children “called them aunts and uncles.”

Kristen later called out founding Fleetwood Mac member Mick Fleetwood on Twitter, writing, that while he was so busy “telling the world how ‘unhappy’ the band was,” no one told Lindsey.

“He’s still wondering what happened,” she wrote in 2019, adding that everyone in the band “really suck.”

According to Vulture, Lindsey did eventually reconcile with his former bandmate.

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