Who is Penei Sewell? All You Need To Know About Penei Sewell

Who is Penei Sewell?

Who is Penei Sewell? Penei Sewell Draft, Penei Sewell Body Weight and Height, Penei Sewell Age, Penei Sewell Ethnicity, Penei Sewell Family Details, Penei Sewell Grade. Stay Tuned as we give you the full information

Penei Sewell who was born on October 9, 2000, is an American football offensive tackle who played college football for the University of Oregon.

He was born in American Samoa, he moved to the American state of Utah in 2012 prior to attending the University of Oregon. As a sophomore there in 2019, he was named a unanimous All-American and was awarded the Outland and Morris Trophy.

He opted out of his junior season in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently declared for the 2021 NFL Draft, where he is considered to be one of the most highly regarded prospects.

Penei Sewell Draft


Uncommon variety tackle with great size and the first class foot speed to take the most difficult action obstructs the game has to bring to the table. He’s an unstable competitor who is greater at pushing ahead than in reverse now, and his tape shows a capacity to without any help spring score runs (both long and short) with “goodness” blocks. He has normal equilibrium and center strength, however he experiences difficulty securing his edges when rushers get into his casing. Enhancements in strategy and strength ought not out of the ordinary, however. While block-completing should be overhauled, his underlying snap speed enables him to accept early leads in situating as both a run and pass blocker. Sewell could move forward in the two divisions on the off chance that he can handle the activity with better hand predominance. His glimmers are outstanding, and his roof is generous. In any case, inquiries regarding play strength and development because of his age/freshness make somewhat more vulnerability than we as a rule see with top of the line tackle possibilities.

His Strength

Twenty years of age with potential for development

Considered vocal game day pioneer in 2019

Astoundingly talented competitor

Bursts out of position and into parallel points/hinders that others can’t make

Continually going to discover top situating as move blocker

Gets a move on seal play-side edge on external zone

Alter of-course ability for uncommon second-level radar and interface rate

Can be an extremely brutal striker on second level. Assisted spring long scores with blocks in space

Hip force to uproot protector and augment off-tackle hurrying paths

Armada feet to welcome edge burners at the turn

Blazes better than expected short-set potential

Has hips and feet to make testing recuperation blocks when beaten

Keeps hands dynamic with punch and re-set

Hitches a ride and diverts surge past his quarterback.

His Weaknesses

Normal body type and play strength.

Cushion level and outside hands decrease his drive power.

Inclination to pop and tumble off instead of secure up and control with hands.

Might want to see him run feet through contact and finish reliably.

Requirements to improve chest area strength.

Conflicting getting base squares and diverting rushers on his edges.

Punch needs responsibility, permitting rushers to isolate.

Pass professional will profit once he gets hands and feet in a state of harmony.

Necessities to build up a more grounded outside hand in assurance.

Gives up feet now and again when endeavoring to reflect inside moves.

Scouts say hard working attitude needs to improve.



The ideal possibility


Enduring All-Pro


Expert Bowl ability


Year 1 quality starter


Win or fail prospect


Will be starter inside initial two seasons


Great reinforcement who could become starter


Formative characteristics based possibility


Reinforcement/extraordinary teamer


Opportunity to make end of list or practice crew


Need free specialist


Opportunity to be in a NFL instructional course


Likely requirements time in formative class

Penei Sewell Body Weight and Height

HEIGHT – 6′ 6″

WEIGHT – 325 lbs

Penei Sewell Age

Sewell was born on October 9, 2000.

Penei Sewell Ethnicity

Penei Sewell is an American Samoa.

Penei Sewell Family Details

Sewell has three siblings: Gabriel, Nephi, and Noah. Gabriel is a linebacker for the Nevada Wolfpack, Nephi is a cautious back for the Utah Utes, and Noah is a linebacker for Oregon. Sewell is the nephew of previous NFL players Isaac Sopoaga and Richard Brown.