Who Is Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca? The Dead Woman Who Banged On Her Own Coffin – What We Know!

Rosa Isabel

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca is a younger Peruvian lady who slammed her coffin shut throughout her funeral rites.

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca was concerned in an accident in late April and was later pronounced useless, inflicting the household to start funeral and burial preparations.

On April 26, Rosa’s kinfolk gathered in Lambayeque to pay their respects.

Rosa Isabel

Who Is Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca? The Dead Girl Who Banged On Her Personal Coffin

After listening to a ‘banging’ coming from the coffin, Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca’s coffin door was opened throughout her funeral. Rosa appeared to have her eyes open and was displaying ‘important indicators,’ which was sudden by the viewers.

Officers carrying the casket via the group, in response to a Metro video of the occasion. Docs are proven standing over Callaca, who’s unconscious, within the subsequent video.

Juan Segundo Cajo, the cemetery’s custodian, informed the reporters that Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca had opened her eyes and was sweating. Juan arrived at my office and instantly dialled 911.

Rosa was subsequently taken to the Ferrenafe Referential Hospital, the place she was placed on life assist. She died only some hours later, regardless of exhibiting some signs of restoration.

Throughout her funeral, Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca got here to life

When Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca got here to life at her funeral, her household was bowled over. Her astonished household transported Callaca, nonetheless in her coffin, to Lambayeque’s Referential Hospital Ferrenafe.

Medics found she was exhibiting indicators of life and hooked her to a life-support gear after she arrived.

Rosa’s situation, however, deteriorated, and he or she died a number of hours later. Rosa’s household is now looking for an evidence after having to say their last goodbyes twice.

Callaca’s household is curious if she was transferred to the morgue with out being totally examined by the hospital, as they imagine she was in a coma.

Peruvian authorities are at present investigating the occasions that led to Rosa’s dying on the Lambayeque Regional Hospital, the place she was initially handled.

The three nephews of Callaca, who have been additionally damage within the tragedy, are mentioned to be recovering in hospital however are nonetheless in vital situation.

Reactions to the funeral video on Twitter and Reddit

On Twitter and Reddit, Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca’s video of being pronounced alive throughout her personal burial after pounding on the coffin has gone viral.

Rosa’s video was all around the web and social media, and many individuals puzzled if it was actual or not, but it surely turned out to be actual.

Rosa’s household isn’t going to let this go, and so they’ve requested for the incident to be probed by authorities after she revealed vital indicators of life throughout her burial.

Individuals who noticed the movie have been equally astounded and astounded, and so they started attempting to find additional info on the video and Rosa, the still-living girl.