Who Is Sasha Narang TikTok And What Is Her Relationship With Clayton Echard From The Bachelor? – What We Know!

Sasha Narang

Sasha Narang is a TikTok star who simply revealed on her channel that she met Clayton Echard of The Bachelors in New York final Friday. Be taught extra in regards to the hearsay of an web hookup.

After discovering who she had been intimate with in that New York house, Sasha allegedly messaged Susie Evans.

Clayton Echard, as recounted by the person, summoned an Uber for the Tiktoker and drove her residence.

She was startled to study that the identification supplied by the unknown stranger she shortly linked with on Friday evening was that of a well known The Bachelor’s programme lead after she googled it.

Clayton Echard used Instagram to deal with the continued feud, claiming that he was in Arizona on the time of the alleged occasion.

After that episode, he’s nonetheless trying to defend himself.

Sasha Narang

Who Is Sasha Narang TikTok?

Sasha Narang is a TikTok video maker and influencer who has lately been embroiled in a dispute on the web.

Sasha reported and believed that she met a person named Clayton Echard on Friday evening in New York.

Even if she had no thought who he was, she deduced from a fast web search that he was a preferred tv persona who was doubtless dishonest on his girlfriend Susie Evans with Sasha.

Susie Evans was contacted by Sasha relating to the potential for infertility.

She additionally uploaded a brief video of herself with the person briefly encounters.

The footage was taken from behind, nevertheless it was clear that the person was not Clayton, however was constructed in a different way.

Clayton was in Arizona, along with his brother in a fitness center of his personal accord, and Sasha appears to be like to be in a severe delusion in regards to the identification of this man.

To get away from the cloud of worries, he took a screenshot of his location and uploaded it on Instagram.

Is Clayton Echard Dishonest On Susie Evans With Sasha Narang?

In response to Clayton Echard’s personal response to the Sasha Narang claims, he’s not dishonest on Susie Evans.

Clayton was in Arizona when the New York incident occurred, and he had his brother verify his story.

Clayton additionally spoke with Susie in regards to the incident, and the 2 of them got here to the identical conclusion: the person Sasha had a short affair with was not

Clayton, and the proof wanted to convict him of adultery was missing.

Sasha Narang’s Age And Wikipedia Data

Sasha Narang seems to be in her late twenties, and his official Wikipedia profile web page has but to be up to date.

She is adamant about apologising for the momentary misunderstanding that she prompted.