Who is Tessa Thompson? Biography, Age, Sexuality and Personal Life, Acting Career, Net Worth

Tessa Thompson is a famous American actress with big roles under her wing and rumors behind her back. We’ll look into everything. From the first role to becoming the Valkyrie. But first, let’s see why her sexuality is such a hot topic.

Tessa Thompson Sexuality and Personal Life

Every young, beautiful single actress has to learn how to deal with the attention. Some do their best to hide their private lives, while others boost their careers by keeping us updated all the time. Tessa is more of the first kind. But it’s impossible to avoid every paparazzi ever, so she was connected to a couple of celebrities. None of them confirmed that anything happened. But this beautiful African-American actress publicly said she’s attracted to men and women. For some reason, she doesn’t identify as bisexual even after that statement. However, she’s been with some women. And apparently, Tessa likes to be the older woman in a relationship.

Her relationship with Janelle Monáe, an American musician and actress, got a lot of attention before it was confirmed. Tessa is just 2 years older than Janelle, so it’s not fair to say she was a cougar in the relationship. But another relationship with a younger lady could earn her that title. It’s rumored that Tessa Thompson dated Rita Ora. The world-famous singer is 7 years younger than Tessa. It was speculated that Tessa and Rita had a polyamorous relationship with Taika Waititi. There isn’t any new info about Tessa’s dating life, meaning she might be single. We don’t know if Tessa is looking for a man or a woman. She could even have a profile on the site for black cougar lesbians and be chatting with local girls as you read this. That wouldn’t be surprising because such sites offer full privacy and safety. Also, more and more celebrities are using dating platforms. It’s not just for mortals anymore.

Other famous people Tessa Thompson dated are Dev Hynes, a British songwriter and singer, and Zac Stenmark, an Australian model. She’d never confirmed those relationships, but she was seen with both men more than once. And no, she never admitted having anything with Rita Ora and/or Taika Waititi.

Tessa Thompson Acting Career

Tessa Thompson started acting in theater but eventually moved to screens. Her first appearance on TV was in an episode of the CBS crime drama series Cold Case in the role of a lesbian bootlegger from the 1930s. That was in 2005, the same year when her character Jackie Cook became a regular in the 2nd season of the UPN/CW neo-noir drama series Veronica Mars.

Stranger Calls was her adventure into the horror niche, but Tessa also had a role in the dance film Make it Happen. Tessa Thompson had a steep climb to fame. That makes it even more admirable that she didn’t leak any photos like some other beautiful women do to boost their careers. Guest roles in Private Practice, Life, and Heros were her TV show adventures. One of her best roles before Creed and Marvel was in the drama For Colored Girls

It’s a movie about colored women who struggle with different problems in their lives. The director, Tayler Perry, dehumanized them by taking away their names and naming them after their colors. Lady in red and lady in yellow, etc. For Colored Girls deals with serious topics and should have a cathartic effect on everyone who watches it. 

Tessa starred in BBC America’s first original series Copper, and comedy Dear White People, before appearing in the Rocky sequel Creed as the protagonist’s wife. Tessa Thompson had a role in Creed 2 as Creed’s wife. Her role in HBO’s TV show Westworld was her biggest one yet.

Then Marvel knocked on her door. No one is crazy enough to reject a role in any Marvel movie because that usually means more will come. When someone becomes a Marvel character, they actually become that. Robert Downey Jr. is famous for being Iron Man. No one even remembers the name of the guy playing Thor. He’s Thor for hardcore fans, and that’s it. It might seem silly, but that fanatical audience Marvel has is responsible for Tessa’s success. Not just her, but many actors who show up in their movies. Tessa Thompson got the role of Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok. Her role was even more important in the Avengers: Endgame, where she gets crowned the king of Asgard on Earth. Tessa will appear in the next Thor movie because Marvel knows how to make their golden gooses lay more eggs.

Tessa Thompson is also a songwriter and singer. She helped with music for Creed movies.

Tessa Thompson’s Net Worth

Tessa Thompson’s Net Worth is $4 million.