Who Wins When The Simpsons Debates Nurture Versus Nature? – What We Know!

Lisa joins a nature documentarian membership to get further credit score to make up for the C she bought in gymnasium. Filming underwater, she discovers Molly, an octopus and grasp of camouflage, and makes her the topic of the documentary. “Cephalopod Soulmate” actually captures the creature beneath the batter within the marinara sauce. It’s really a tragic and exquisite quick, as touching as “Pukahontas,” the movie Barney made for the Springfield Movie Pageant within the episode “A Star Is Burns.”  

Marge continues to be essentially the most consultant American mother on tv, at all times responding with a superbly skewered maternal intuition, like “I don’t such as you hanging out with sharks.” Lisa’s coming-of-age arc stems from two moral issues she is vaguely conversant in over the course of the collection. Her new group’s motto is “by no means intrude,” as vital because the prime directive on Star Trek. Uncharacteristically, Lisa additionally imposes captivity on the animal for its personal good.

The episode does a great job at constructing Bart’s inexplicable strangeness. The youngsters can’t chortle at buffoonery in the event that they’re involved concerning the clown, however blaming Skittles with “he couldn’t deal with the rainbow,” is sensible.   

Whereas the episode doesn’t want the crush-on-the-teacher cliché, the scene the place Bart rips out the water fountain is Jack-Nicholson-in-One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest spectacular with out being a tribute. It additionally offers Homer an opportunity to do some actual parenting. His story of falling off the monkey bars simply to see the varsity nurse is sort of revelatory, and screaming into empty Pringles canisters is surprisingly sensible recommendation for stress reduction. As is Homer’s ultimate tip. It actually exhibits how a lot he’s retained.

The octopus’ escape section succeeds at being fairly scary, particularly when it results in Googling toxicology. The ending blends the 2 plots properly, however begs the query: What would Jesus the Redeemer do with the octopus in Lisa’s place? Most likely flush it, Bart is her brother, in any case. However she takes a better highway, with a refined undercurrent of commentary. When Lisa claims she is a part of nature, and disrupts the meals chain, it’s like placing down a digicam to assist a sufferer at the price of a great video.