Who’s the Masked Singer Cluedle Doo? Donnie Wahlberg Revealed

Surprise! Donnie Wahlberg was revealed as the masked singer Cluedle Doo at the end of the semifinal episode of “The Masked Singer.” The Cluedledoo has proved to be one of the most amusing elements of the current season.

Donnie Wahlberg might be a nightmare for the judges as he drops in totally unexpectedly and interrupts the clue packages that could help the panel guess the identities of the masked stars.

But the audiences love him and his antics, and they are ready for a surprise as “The Masked Singer” show is ready to reveal his identity in the upcoming episode that will air on May 26.

The masked singer Cluedle Doo is identified

The final four singers, the Yeti, the Black Swan, the Chameleon, and the Piglet, will sing their hearts out for the finale episode.

We will find out the true identity of one of those celebrities because one of them goes home at the end of that episode. But Cluedle Doo’s reveal will be much more extensive and exciting as audiences have been waiting since week 1 to know his identity.

Apart from a few distributed clues, there is not much information about him, contrary to the players who have a new clue package each week. Here is what we know about him.

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The Masked Singer Cluedle Doo Finally Revealed

The masked singer Cluedle Doo was a new addition to Season 5, which is promoted as a “game-changing” season, and the judges aggressively push this thought across by mentioning it each chance they get. The masked singer Cluedle Doo is a rooster who dresses like a clown, and at first, rumors were swirling that he is a massive celebrity.

During the Mackie Awards and singalong special before the quarterfinals, the rumor was confirmed that he is indeed a hidden celebrity and connected to Michael Rourke.

In the same Rourke fashion, the actor unexpectedly unmasked himself even before the judges could vote because he felt “too hot” inside the outfit.

The masked singer Cluedle Doo is revealed as Donnie Wahlberg

“You know I’m not just a roaster rooster who likes to cause chaos. I’m an undercover celebrity myself. I’ve helped with clues to the other masks, but you want the very first clue to who I am, too? Drumstick I mean, drumroll, please. I have a connection to another mischievous masked singer from the past, the Gremlin. So chew on that! I’ll see you soon when my identity will be revealed right on that stage. Cluedle-Doo bids you adieu,” the masked singer Cluedle Doo said about himself.

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The Masked Singer Cluedle Doo Clues

Donnie Wahlberg’s name has been guessed on the show since Season 1 by all judges for various masked celebrities, and every time they have turned out to be wrong. From what we can gather from his clues, it is Jenny McCarthy’s husband who has finally made his way on the show.

Donnie Wahlberg is announced as the masked singer Cluedle Doo

The Mickey Rourke clue is very clear because the two have worked together in a film called ‘Bullet,’ which happened to be Wahlberg’s first film role.

According to the three-in-one clue that he presented about his identity to the judges, “You’ve seen me in the kitchen, now solve my identity like you’d solve a jigsaw puzzle. Even Ken Jeong should figure me out!”

The jigsaw puzzle refers to the ‘SAW’ movie franchise where Donnie Wahlberg played Eric Matthews. The Ken clue could reference the 2011 film ‘Zookeeper‘ starring ‘The Masked Singer’ judge and Donnie.

The truth that the masked singer Cluedle DooDonnie is Wahlberg or not will be revealed in the episode. ‘The Masked Singer’ airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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