Why Chelsea were first in last out of Super League


Loads of Liverpool fans do not seem at all convinced by the official apology issued by Reds owner John W Henry.

The Merseyside giants were one of 12 teams involved in attempting to set up a new European Super League, along with big names like Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

However, these sides have quickly been forced to pull the plug on the project after it proved hugely unpopular with fans and pundits alike.

Liverpool’s owners have no doubt let the fans down for trying to push this through without more honesty and openness with supporters, and it seems Henry’s apology is not enough for most fans, judging by the reaction on Twitter.

See below as many LFC fans still want to see the current owners leave Anfield, and we imagine many fans at the other big six clubs will feel the same.

At least Henry as attempted to reach out to fans and it will be interesting to see if other club chiefs follow suit, but it might not do much good if fans react like this lot are…