Why Was Prince Philip not King?

Why Was Prince Philip not King?

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Prince Philip.

Prince Philip has died at the age of 99. Buckingham Palace confirmed that Philip died “peacefully” on Friday, April 9, 2021.

“It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen has announced the death of her beloved husband, His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle,” read a tweet from Buckingham Palace’s official Twitter account.

Philip married Queen Elizabeth on November 20, 1947, however he did not become king of England. Instead, Philip became Prince Consort.

Prince Consort is defined as “the husband of a reigning female sovereign who is himself a prince.” In regard to the British monarchy, the Prince Consort does not rule, nor does he ever become king. If in the event Queen Elizabeth died before Prince Philip, their son, Prince Charles would have become king. Charles is next in line to the throne.

Here’s what you need to know:

Britain’s Line of Succession Is Gender-Based

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The line of succession to the British thrown is gender-based.

According to Heart UK, “The parliamentary law means that when someone marries a King or Queen, they become known as a ‘consort’. However, the titles change depending on gender. For women that marry a King, for example, they become known as the Queen consort,” the site reports, adding “when a man marries a Queen, they become a Prince consort.

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