Will John Kreese’s Girlfriend Betsy Appear in Cobra Kai season 4


John Kreese’s girlfriend Betsy appears in “Cobra Kai.”

In the “Karate Kid” film franchise, ruthless sensei John Kreese is arguably a one-dimensional villain. He seems to have little reason to teach his martial arts students to inflict harm. However, in the acclaimed series “Cobra Kai,” the character’s background is explored, and his aggressive demeanor is explained. During the show’s third season, the audience becomes aware that Kreese lost his mother to suicide and was bullied while working as a waiter. He also had a relationship with a beautiful young woman named Betsy (Emily Marie Palmer). Unfortunately, his girlfriend passed away unexpectedly while he was serving in the Vietnam war.

While the character is deceased, some fans may be curious if Betsy will appear in more flashbacks during the show’s fourth season. In April, one of the creators of “Cobra Kai” Jon Hurwitz confirmed on Twitter that there will be flashback sequences in the upcoming season. However, the series has utilized this type of narrative device for a few different characters, so this does not necessarily mean that the audience will see more of Young Kreese and Betsy. The entirety of the fourth season’s cast list has also not been released.

Emily Marie Palmer Expressed Interest in Returning To Play Betsy

That being said, Emily Marie Palmer has expressed interest in returning to the role. During a January interview with Popternative, she revealed that “one of the [show’s] producers” approached her to say that he would like Betsy to be in future seasons.

“He was so kind saying that he loved the flashback scenes and saying, ‘oh I hope they can find a way to bring you back for more,’” disclosed the actress.

Palmer Addressed Possibly Starring in a Young Kreese Spin-off Series

In a January interview, uploaded on the Cobra Kai Kid YouTube channel, Palmer also addressed the fact the co-creator of “Cobra Kai,” Hayden Schlossberg, mentioned he would like Young Kreese to have a spin-off series while speaking to TVLine in January.

“I think that would be fantastic. Even if I had not played Betsy I would love to see that. I think that would be great. So I hope they do and of course, I’d be thrilled to return as Betsy,” said the actress.

Palmer stated that she did not have “any expectations or desire” for a specific storyline involving her character.

“[The show’s creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg] are so fantastic at what they do, so I’d be so thrilled to see what they came up with and where they take it, you know,” explained the actress. “So I don’t have anything in particular that I would like to see but it just would be really fun to explore that. You know, I think it’s 1965 when Kreese and Betsy meet and 1968 when he leaves. So we have three whole years, you know, in there for things to happen so that would be fun to explore.” 

Palmer’s on-screen love interest Barrett Carnahan has also said that he would be interested in starring in a spin-off series about his character. In a January interview with Comic Book Resources, he stated that it would be “so badass to learn more about Kreese.” 

To see more of Palmer and Carnahan, check out “Cobra Kai” season 3, available to stream on Netflix. 

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