“Women shouldn’t have sex with straight men for free” – Temmie Ovwasa opens up about her $exuality (video)


Temmie Ovwasa, formerly known as YBNL Princess because she was signed to Olamide’s YBNL record label, has revealed that 4 years of her life was wasted while with the record label.

Temmie opened up about her life, sexuality, religion, and talent while speaking on the LITV show NaijaTalk Podcast.

Temi said she doesn’t live her life by the Bible and doesn’t have a religion.

Asked if the YBNL family knew about her sexuality when she was signed to the record label, Temmie, who said she is queer, replied: “I did not put my sexuality out there and it was nobody’s business. I mean, who I f*** is nobody’s business.

Back in 2020, Temmie accused record label boss, Olamide, of crippling her career. She said they gave her hope and brought her to Lagos only to end up taking the hope back.

She later reconciled with Olamide.

Speaking to LITV host, Dami Dawson, about her time with YBNL, she said: “To make me sit, to make a person sit for 4 years…

“It’s not 2018 I left, it’s last year, 2020, and the contract did not expire when I left. I just left because I was tired.

“Nobody was telling me anything. I was just sitting down there. And I came from Ilorin, I didn’t have anyone here that I’ll say is my family member that’ll come and help my life. So, yeah, it was frustrating.

“I’m not the only artist that it has happened to. I can mention…. I don’t want to mention their names now.”

However, she was full of praise for Olamide. She said he’s an “amazing” and “beautiful” person. She said he is not a trouble maker and doesn’t go out of his way to hurt people.

But, she said businesswise, “It cannot work for us.”

Temmie also addressed her controversial post that created buzz weeks ago. She had advised straight women to stop allowing men have sex with them for free.

She doubled down on the show, insisting women should be paid for their domestic and sexual services.

She explained that “the patriarchy” inspired her post.

“I don’t necessarily think that men should inherently pay for sex. I just think that women should not be having sex with straight men for free. Because the economy, the whole system, is built on the backs of free manual labour, free intellectual labour from women,” she said.

She spoke about how women spend all their time “washing clothes and taking kids to school while daddy is busy trying to do something with his life”.

She said that for this reason, women need to charge men.

She said: “So yeah, I believe that all heterosexual sex is transactional, regardless of if people try to deny it or not.

“The way the system is set up is such that they will tell you, ‘if you want anything from your husband, just be nice to him in the bedroom.’ Please, we need to stop pretending as if these things are not happening.

“They’re happening within marriages, they’re happening outside of marriages.

“So, yeah, if you’re a straight woman and you’re having sex with men, I don’t believe you should be having sex with men for free.”

She added that men are no different as sex is also transactional to them. She explained that men sing about taking women out and not getting anything from her because they automatically expect to get sex for money spent on women.

She said that since we all know it’s transactional, women might as well own it and put a price on it.

“Because we are all ashewo at the end,” she said, adding, “If I’m walking on the road in Balogun market, nobody knows whether I’m a singer or not, we’re all ashewo.

“I mean, if you’re sleeping with men, get paid. I can’t relate cos I don’t sleep with men.”

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