World Hands Hygiene Day: UBTH CMD cautions against reoccurrence of COVID-19

World Hands Hygiene Day: UBTH CMD cautions against reoccurrence of COVID-19

Chief Medical Director, University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), Dr. Darlington Obaseki, has cautioned Nigerians to adhere strictly to the NCDC COVID-19 guidelines protocols to avert similar occurrence happening in India.

While making 2021 World Hands Hygiene Day with the theme”Achieving health hygiene at the point of care” at the premises of the hospital in Benin City, Obaseki said the importance of hygiene cannot be overemphasized.

“We have decided as management to mark it in this manner because the importance of hygiene in this period we are in cannot be overemphasized, it is very apt, and we all realized what is going on in India, I must quickly mention that so many of us believe that we are through with the worse, I pray we are, I pray what is happening in India doesn’t get here but that can only be achieved if we keep doing the right thing, wearing our face mask, washing our hands regularly.

Dr. Obaseki said handwashing has helped to curtail the spread of infectious diseases and the hospital has kept to that principle while dealing with its patients even in the heat of the pandemic.

“We all know that we are still in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. And we all know that COVID-19 is transmitted mostly through droplets transmission, contact transmission.

The CMD of the hospital maintained that winning the war against the dreaded COVID19 pandemic should be a collective one, saying if everyone does their beat, the disease would be put at bay.

“Our responsibility as policymakers, health administrators, managers and even as individuals, in this regard, can not be overstated.

“We all have a responsibility to ensure that we comply, especially in a health care setting where we are encouraged to reduce general transmission of infections between patients, from patients to health care workers and from health care workers to health care workers by washing our hands before we touch our patients after we touch our patients and before we even leave the hospital at the close of work”, he said.