Writer Makes ‘Crude Cam Newton COVID-19 Joke on WEEI’


A few things should likely be untouchable, yet time and again we succumb to the do-it-for-the-gram, anything-for-a-haha attitude that prompts some inhumane remarks.

Family Guy essayist and New England Patriots fan Alec Sulkin was a visitor on WEEI’s Dale and Keefe, and he was requested his well-qualified assessment on Cam Newton’s play. Sulkin is qualified for his assessment and totally allowed to slam Newton’s play as he sees fit, however one could state he may have gone too far with his remarks.

The tweet beneath erroneously interprets the “joke,” yet you can hear the clasp in the post. What Sulkin really said was, “the lone explanation Newton got COVID was on the grounds that he didn’t toss it.”

Family Guy author/maker @thesulk joined his previous youth baseball partner @meatstweets today to share his 2020 Cam Newton takeaway:

“The lone motivation behind why he got COVID was on the grounds that he wasn’t tossing it” pic.twitter.com/lvFrBouylJ

— Dale and Keefe (@DaleKeefeWEEI) December 30, 2020

The unseen details are the main problem and the soul of the remark.

The Obvious Inappropriate Nature of the Joke

Nobody ought to need to call attention to why cleverly connecting an illness that has executed over 1.8 million individuals to somebody’s expert battles is unseemly. Lamentably, Sulkin has taken us to this point.

Nobody knows the passionate cost Newton needed to suffer having COVID. Likewise, envision somebody who is battling with the infection or who has lost a companion or relative hearing that remark. In general, it’s really wild, but at the same time it’s not the first run through Sulkin has plunged his toe in the ocean of absurdity for a snicker.

Not the First Time Sulkin’s Desire for a Laugh Has Gone Foul

Sulkin has a thing about making fun of the most exceedingly awful occasions in mankind. His planning is faultless too. In 2011, Sulkin wound up in steaming hot water when he endeavored to decrease the effect of Japan’s wave tremor with one more not recommended endeavor at humor.

Sulkin tweeted, and later erased the accompanying remark:

“In the event that you wanna rest easy thinking about this quake in Japan, google ‘Pearl Harbor loss of life.'”

He later apologized and stated: “Yesterday loss of life 200. Today 10,000. I am upset for my harsh tweet. It’s gone.”

Counterbalance culture is a touch of control, yet there is something to be said for individuals running a few things through a channel before they regurgitate what could be pointlessly destructive to somebody who may be in a weak state.

Giggling is acceptable treatment, however not when it needs to come to the detriment of another person’s tranquility.

Co-Signing the Non-Constructive

What may be as upsetting as Sulkin’s “joke,” is the reaction from the hosts of Dale and Keefe. The reckless humor produced chuckling from the two hosts. I get it, basically nobody on the station’s staff is a Newton fan. The Patriots will miss the end of the season games unexpectedly since 2008, and that is an extreme pill to swallow for a fanbase who is so used to winning.

As the quarterback, Newton eats a ton of that fault.

Nonetheless, he’s as yet an individual who, incidentally, does a standout amongst other week by week spots with the station after games. Newton has been a finished trooper with the media through the good and bad times of the period. Would you be able to accuse him if this doesn’t sit well?

Things being what they are, he’ll most likely keep on pursuing the more responsible option. It is ideal the season will be over soon, a portion of this is likely hard to take in any event, for somebody resolved to stay positive.