Xzibit’s L.A. Warehouse Burglarized

Xzibit's L.A. Warehouse Burglarized

Xzibit is offering a ten-thousand-dollar reward following a robbery at his Los Angeles warehouse, alluding it to have been an inside job.

Xzibit is a legend in the game, boasting a respected discography and a keen mind for entrepreneurship. And while X has been recently growing his NAPALM cannabis business, named after his seventh studio album from 2012, it would appear that the rapper was recently hit with an unfortunate setback. 

Today, Xzibit shared a video revealing that his Los Angeles warehouse, which presumably houses his NAPALM product, was robbed in the night. In the clip, X examines security footage from the break-in. “What you’re looking at is, someone broke into my warehouse last night,” he says. “They couldn’t do it with the media shit, so they come and do it to my place of business. Guys, I’m being targeted. This shit is crazy. They come into my warehouse, kick my doors in.” He proceeds to pan the camera, surveying the damaged doors. “Look at this. 4 in the morning.”


 Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

“This an inside job,” he states. “This is not random.” Yet even amidst a setback, Xzibit has never been one to back down. “Fuck ya’ll, we still rolling.” In the accompanying caption, X offers a ten-thousand-dollar reward to anybody with information on the criminals involved. “They will try everything to bring me down. This is just out of fucking control…I will find you.”

Upon sharing the video, Xzibit received support from many of his peers in the hip-hop community. Frequent collaborator Snoop Dogg echoed the notion of an inside job — “Clean house homie,” he advises. “Despicable,” wrote Sway Calloway. “You are going to rise again King.” “MuthaPhuquz!!!!” added Dem Jointz, who previously laced beats for Xzibit’s Serial Killers project. “Yes King inside Cut all Street ties,” wrotes Big Gipp, while Detroit icon Trick Tick kept his own assessment simple and scathing: “Pussies.”

Check out Xzibit’s video below. It should be noted that HipHopDX reported on a since-deleted post in which Xzibit discovered blood on one of the warehouse doors. “Guess what you dumb fucks?” he says, upon seeing the blood. “You fucking idiots. One of you assholes was bleeding last night. Yeah. Somebody left some muthafuckin’ blood here. Guess what else you fucking dickwads? Sloppy fucks. You left tools you stupid fucks.”

At this time, no news on any arrests has been made. We’d like to extend some positive vibes to Xzibit during this difficult time — keep your head up X!