Yandere Dev Death | Is Yandere Dev Dead or Alive

Horace Clarke Death

Yandere Dev Death | YandereDev, is 32-year-old freelance game developer identified as Alex based in Temecula, California who developed Yandere Simulator.

In April 2014, YandereDev pitched the idea for Yandere Simulator on 4chan, where it got a lot of positive feedback, so he decided to start developing it.

Recently, rumors has been passing across social media that the game developer has passed away. Please don’t believe this, Yandere Dev is still alive and sound.

His fans on twitter doesn’t seems happy with this, checkout out some tweets below;

#RIPYandereDev is trending and all I remember about the game are a bunch of silly ‘cheat code’ modes and a school I could make in a week in Unity. Actually… I wonder if I could make his game in Unity…

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