“You” Actress, Elizabeth Lail is Married to Nieku Manshadi

The 29-year-old actress, Elizabeth Lail is married to her dentist boyfriend, Nieku Manshadi. They held the wedding where they spent their first anniversary together at Hasbrouk house in New York.

They got married on April 24 although they’ve planned to hold it on August 2020, they postponed it due to Covid-19.

Elizabeth said, “It felt right returning to a place from our story and sharing it with those we love.”

Elizabeth Lail the actress who is best known for her latest works “ You” series and once upon a Time got married to her beauty dentist boyfriend, Nieku Manshadi.

“Our wedding was so small and intimate we couldn’t help but have every aspect reflect a part of us. It was primarily our two families coming together for the first time. We laughed and cried the whole way through.”

The couple got helped from Kayleigh who is close to them for the coordinator at Hasbrouck House. “She was a dream. We could not have done it without her,” Elizabeth added. “She handled all of the logistics, so on the day, all we had to do was get dressed and show up. It made our wedding feel like a surprise party that we kept happening upon throughout the day.”

Elizabeth Lail’s Dream Wedding

Elizabeth’s one-of-a-kind wedding dress in her dream wedding while Nieku chose a dark navy suit from Freemans Sporting Club and suited it with a black tie inspired by his grandfather. He also wore a dress watch designed by IWC. Andrea Hawkes, the U.K-based designer, saved the day by designing both bride and groom’s wedding clothes.

“I had bought another dress out of excitement initially but knew in my gut something was off (hope I‘m not the only one),” says Elizabeth of shopping for a wedding dress. “I’ve always felt that dress was for a younger version of myself. “

The bride paired her minimal look accessories to her simple dress from Tiffany & Co. “Anytime I shopped for extra accessories or even shoes I felt overwhelmed,” she admits. “I ended up wearing a pair of neutral heels I had in my closet. It wouldn’t be me if the shoes weren’t falling apart!”

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