Zack Carpinello’s Unboxing Video Shocks Jersey Shore Fans


Wrestler Zack Carpinello, the fiance of “Jersey Shore” Jenni “JWoww” Farley, shocked fans when a new video was posted to Instagram.

MMA fighter Zack Carpinello, the fiance of Jersey Shore Jenni “JWoww” Farley, shocked fans when a new video was posted to Instagram on May 6. Zack was unpackaging a new outfit Jenni received for the MTV movie awards, but the way he opened to parcel concerned some viewers. Instead of classically opening the box down the middle by breaking the tape, Zack shredded the top of the package.

A Reddit user shared a recording of the occasion. “Something about Jwoww’s fiancé opening a package has me very concerned,” they wrote.

“I still can’t believe she is engaged to this caveman, she really needs some time alone and some self-confidence that she can be independent,” another added. “This is the same kind of maniac that squirts ketchup all over their French fries,” a third person remarked.

Not everyone slammed the fighter, with a few Jersey Shore fans coming to his defense. “Lol, have none of you ever gotten a package and can’t be bothered to get scissors or a knife? Sheesh,” they said. “If the tape is pissing me off, I have 100% ripped my packages open like this!”

Jenni & Zack Got Engaged in February

Something about Jwoww’s fiancé opening a package has me very concerned🤣 from jerseyshore

Zack and Jenni have had their ups and downs, but the couple decided to take a step towards making their relationship official when they became engaged in February at the top of the Empire State Building.

“My always and forever,” Zack, also known as 24, wrote in his announcement. “You made me the happiest I’ve ever been. I love you more than anything.”

The duo began dating in April 2019 and briefly split in October 2019 after a Jersey Shore episode exposed Zack flirting and caressing Angelina Pivarnick in a Las Vegas club. Up until the episode aired Jenni had placed the blame on Angelina.

This will be Zack’s first marriage and Jenni’s second. She was previously married to Roger Matthews. The couple has two children together: 6-year-old daughter Meilani and 4-year-old son Greyson.

Roger Is ‘Happy’ For Jenni & Zack

Despite having a volatile end to their marriage, Roger and Jenni have been able to successfully co-parent their two children together. When news of Jenni’s engagement surfaced, Roger wanted to congratulate his first wife.

“I’m happy for her. I’m happy for them,” Roger said on ta March episode of his podcast “Champ and the Tramp.”

“I don’t know Zack well, but what I do know of him … he’s good to my children. Jenni seems very happy,” he continued. “They seem very happy together. I have no reason to have any beef with him.”

Roger, 45, admitted that he and Jenni went through a “nasty” breakup, but he took the time he needed to work on himself. He said he doesn’t have any negative feelings toward Zack, who is someone his children have grown to like.

“I went through all the channels I think I had to go through to become a better person,” he said. “So why am I going to have resentment, you know what I mean? We’re done. Our time together is over, with the exception of being parents to two wonderful kids… I’m happy for them, truly.”

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