Zahida Allen Reveals She Was ‘Mugged & Assaulted’ in London

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The Challenge: War of the Worlds cast

Last week, “The Challenge” star Zahida Allen was attacked while having drinks in London, the reality star just revealed on social media. The “Geordie Shore” star joined the cast of the MTV show for its two main Brit-filled seasons, “War of the Worlds” and its sequel.

In a text posted to her Instagram Story, Zahida explained that she hadn’t been on social media as much in the last week because she got “mugged and assaulted” last week in London and her card and phone were stolen. She explained that she just got her replacement SIM card and was in the process of getting back into all her accounts.

The reality star also added that she’s “feeling anxious with the amount of messages and questions I’ve been receiving” but thanked everyone for checking in and for their support.

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Zahida Explained What Happened in More Detail in Her Instagram Story & Got Emotional About the Ordeal

Zahida followed up the text update by sharing a series of videos explaining in greater detail what happened. She said a week ago, she was having a few drinks on the street outside a pub in London and was on FaceTime when she saw what she believed was a delivery driver on a bike coming up behind her. She said she moved out of the way and “next thing I know, my phone’s been grabbed out of my hands, smashed into my mouth, bust my lip.”

She said the person then grabbed her bag and dragged her along the road by her bag as she screamed for help. Eventually the person let go of her bag, Zahida continued, and she tried to run after the person while asking others for help. Zahida explained that she was shocked that people were watching and laughing, “not one person did anything.” She acknowledged that most people probably don’t want to get involved but she said the laughing made the situation worse as she was having an anxiety attack.

The reality star said that the police arrived and took a report and at that point, some of the witnesses came forward and said they would help provide an account of what happened. She became emotional as she described her ordeal and said her mind was blank afterward and she was just shaking and in shock. “I’m happy that I’m safe and fine now,” she concluded, noting that her cards and phone that were stolen are replaceable.

Zahida found out from the police when they asked her to describe her assailant once again that a similar attack had taken place except in that case, acid was thrown at the female victim as well. She was emotional as she explained that safety is the most important thing and she shouldn’t have tried to keep her bag or fight back because her things are replaceable.

Zahida, Known for the U.K.’s ‘Ex on the Beach 6’ & ‘Geordie Shore’, Appeared on 2 Seasons of ‘The Challenge’

Zahida, 26, is a British reality star who gained fame on “Geordie Shore” and the U.K.’s sixth season of “Ex on the Beach” before making the leap to the MTV competition show.

Her first season was “The Challenge: War of the Worlds,” where she was paired with Zach Nichols. The two didn’t make it very far in the game, although they managed to eliminate Johnny Bananas in the third episode. They were sent back to elimination in the fifth episode and were eliminated by Wes Bergmann and Dee Nguyen.

Zahida returned to the show for the sequel, “War of the Worlds 2,” but was unable to make an impact in the game and left the show in the second episode following a family emergency.

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