Zara’s Nikah December 23, 2020 Wednesday Update

Zara's Nikah

Zara’s Nikah December 23, 2020 Wednesday Update – Zara prepares and tells family she is going for prospective employee meet-up. Azra and Ruksaar are upbeat however Irfan says this is the reason I didnt need to advise you, I am as yet alive, you dont need to do work, he leaves. Azra says he blew up. Zara says there is something different, he never conversed with me like this.

Zara comes to Irfan and says I know there is something different, I ought to have asked your consent. Irfan says in the event that you need to do work for your future, for your life then its fine with me however on the off chance that you need to do it to acquire for this house, its my obligation, our religion says that its dad’s obligation for house. Zara says when guardians develop old, they can take help from their children, I need to help you, confide in me, God has requested that we keep an eye on more seasoned individuals, you have managed your responsibility, let me perform my responsibility as well, it would be ideal if you permit me to take care of this work. Irfan is going to permit her however Salma pulls him away and says no, what will individuals say? Dont permit her. Zara says dont consider them. Irfan says Zara is correct, children can take of guardians as well.

Shahbaz sees Kabir going from house. He meets chief who reveals to him that Kabir is landing position at office where Zara applied as well, Shahbaz is stunned.

NGO chief is trusting that Zara and needs will enlist Zara and Kabir. Shahbaz calls him and requests that he meet.

Zara asks Salma to concur, if you don’t mind Salma says no. Zara reviews how she used to exchange with Kabir and shakes her head.

Shahbaz meets NGO chief. Shahbaz says I need to help your NGO yet Zara and Kabir shouldnt know. Chief says alright and expresses gratitude toward him.

Zara comes for prospective employee meet-up and is stunned to see Kabir there. She asks what are you doing here? Kabir says what are you doing here? Zara figures he may be here for the meeting. Zara says I am not advising you. Worker erroneously bolts entryway and leaves. Zara attempts to open the entryway and says I need to meet chief. Zara says I am here for prospective employee meeting, what are you doing here? Kabir thinks and says dont know why you are here, you can do work here. Kabir thumps on entryway and says open it. Zara pulls him away and requests that he quiet down. Zara thinks how to stop him. Zara says you are frightened that I will land the position that is the reason you dont need to give meet? you are a weakling, in the event that not, at that point remain here and give meet. Kabir says I was leaving however now I will show that I will land this position. Zara says he will give me this work. Kabir says lets see.

Its coming down outside and Kabir-Zara are secured a room. Kabir imagines that circumstance changed so a lot, your voice used to give me quiet and now your quietness is causing me to feel dead inside. Zara sees him peering toward her and goes to him. She says I have discovered you gazing at me. Kabir says I was thinking.. um.. I will call Shahbaz and approach him to send driver for us. Zara says call Boss Qadir as well. They see no organization and says Qadir should be stranded in rush hour gridlock. Kabir thumps on entryway. Zara says let me concentrate for meet. Kabir giggles and says you have network in your telephone? Zara says I saved the document yesterday as it were. Kabir says I dont need to examine, I understand what will be asked in a meeting, Zara says OK take my meeting at that point. Kabir says you seem as though you didnt work previously. Zara says I worked in sharia board yet then I was hitched and.. she stops. Kabir says nothing should be constrained in life else it will separate. Zara sees windows ringing, Kabir and Zara locks it. Zara is going to tumble down however Kabir holds her. He says sorry, zara says I dont need uphold.

Salma is calling Zara yet she isn’t getting. Irfan says she went for a meeting, Salma says I need her to get hitched, Irfan says she previously needed to bear a ton, I will wed her with somebody who has comparative musings like her.

Kabir is searching for food. Zara offers him her lunch box. He says I dont need it. Zara says fine, I will eat alone, she requests that he open her case. Kabir opens it and sees great smell. He attempts to control himself. Zara says I am so ravenous, she takes it from him and appreciates eating. She prods him and inquires as to whether he is ravenous? I am grieved in the event that I said anything terrible, you can eat. Kabir sits with her and starts eating. The two of them battle for food. Zara’s book drop out of sack. He sees its title ‘heart break and how to control it in islam’. Zara takes it from him. Qadir comes there and welcomes them.

Rizwan goes to Shahbaz’s home as a circuit repairman. Watchman gives him access. Rizwan sees Shahbaz in parlor and goes to circuit board. He calls his hooligan and requests that he start. His hooligans sees brilliant gloves in patio and calls Shahbaz. Shahbaz says who could toss it there? Allow me to check mine.

Shahbaz goes to store room and sees his gloves there. He considers his hooligan and says my gloves are here. He leaves. Rizwan sees it and takes gloves box, he says your pulverization is in my grasp now. He leaves from that point with gloves.

Qadir reproves his staff for locking Kabir and Zara. Kabir says its alright. Qadir says you dont need to give talk with, you both are employed. Kabir says both? Qadir says I know you dont need to cooperate, Zara can work in ladies office and you can work in men division. Kabir says that is fine, Qadir says only a certain something, speculators are coming today so you both should be there. I will give you data there. Kabir and Zara leave. Qadir gets call and says I did as you said.

Kabir and Zara comes in meeting room. Media is there as well. Qadir comes there and says its a major task. Qadir says to media that popular couple Zara and Kabir are here. Kabir and Zara study case document and are stunned. Kabir says you need us to state all that infront of them? Qadir says yes. Zara says you need us to state this? He gestures.