Zendaya Broke Jennifer Lawrence’s Movie Record

Many news channels write about amazing events in the world of show business, but they cannot be trusted, unlike the most trusted casino Playamo.com. Today we will analyze a new record set by a Hollywood actress.

What’s the Matter?

Zendaya became the highest-grossing actress in history. Actress Zendaya, who is 25 years old, did what Angelina Jolie herself could not do.

In 2021, Zendaya starred in four films at the same time, which collected incredible box office receipts. The films “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, “Dune”, “Mary and Malcolm” and the sequel “Space Jam”, collected a total of six billion dollars.

These figures not only made Zendaya the most profitable actress but also broke the seemingly eternal record of Jennifer Lawrence, who received this award at the age of 26. Zendaya was able to do this a year earlier. According to preliminary data, the projects in which the actress took part earned about $ 6 billion at the box office. This is not surprising. The movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has already grossed $587.2 million in the first week. “Dune” earned $ 393.5 million at the box office, and the second part of the movie “Spider-Man: Far from Home” brought $ 1.3 billion to the piggy bank.

The young actress herself earned $15 million in 2021 alone. For the second film of the franchise, she received $ 2 million. Her earnings in the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” have not yet been announced.

The actress also played Chani, the love of Timothy Chalamet’s character in Dune. For this small role, she is estimated to have earned about $300,000.

The role in the series “Euphoria” brought Zendaya about $ 5 million.

Recall that last year Zendaya became the youngest winner of the Emmy Award in the nomination “Outstanding Lead Actress of a Drama Series”.

Facts About Zendaya

  • Her full name is Zendaya Marie, Stormer Coleman. 
  •  Zendeya deliberately left only the name. “I don’t use my last name because I think it’s cool, like Cher or Prince.”
  •  She is the only child of Claire Stormer and Kazembe Ajamu. But she has as many as five brothers and sisters on her father’s side. Surprisingly, the actress was already born as an aunt — she has nephews and nieces older than her. One of them, Enzinia Coleman, is her closest person in the world.
  •  Her family is originally from Arkansas. Zendaya’s dad is African American, and Mom has German, Irish, English, and Scottish roots.
  • Friends call her Deya, and also – Big Head, which can be translated as imagined, but in fact, she got the nickname because of the large size of her head. But her parents, if they are dissatisfied with something, begin to call her by her middle name Marie. When this happens, Zendeya knows for sure: she’s in trouble.
  •  The girl inherited her stateliness (1.78) from her parents. Her father’s height is 1.88, and her mother is even taller — 1.93.
  •  As a child, Zendeya was very shy. She even had to retrain in kindergarten — in the first year, she almost didn’t communicate with anyone. And today Zendeya admits that she is not a very big fan of parties. She prefers to spend time with family and friends at parties.
  •  If she hadn’t become an actress and singer, she would have chosen the profession of a teacher (like her parents) or would have started playing basketball. In general, Zendeya is very athletic — at school, the girl was a member of the basketball and athletic teams.
  •  In the movie “The Greatest Showman”, where she played the role of an aerial acrobat, Zendeya performed most of the trapeze tricks herself.
  • As a child, the actress did a lot of dancing — she especially liked hip-hop and Hawaiian hula dance.
  •  She was not allowed to date boys under the age of 16. “In general, this is a good rule,” says Zendeya.
  •  She once had a Schnauzer named Midnight (“Midnight”), who died in October 2015. Now her pet is a miniature Schnauzer (or miniature Schnauzer) by the name of Nun (“Noon”).
  •  As a child, she loved Shakespeare. “I was such a strange eight-year-old girl who was really interested in Shakespeare, appreciated his language.” By the way, her resume includes participation in such serious theatrical productions as Richard III, Twelfth Night, and As You Like It.